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Heelys, the shoes with wheels in the heels, allow you to walk, run, and switch to a roll at any moment. Heelys were first invented by Roger Adams in 2000 while he was on vacation in Huntington Beach, CA. While watching kids skate up and down the streets on their inline skates, Adams thought of the idea of a shoe that could roll on command by just shifting your body weight from the front of your feet to your heels. He quickly got to work in his garage, cutting out the heels of a pair of Nike running shoes, running rods through each heel, and using one of the wheel bearings that come on a skateboard. The original pair of Heelys needed some work, but when they eventually rolled into shoe stores, they sold out in a matter of minutes. Since then, Heelys has gone on to sell millions of pairs of shoes in more than 70 countries, allowing kids and adults to discreetly skate in malls, indoor and outdoor parking lots, or pretty much anywhere with a stretch of concrete they can find. If you're seeking Heelys shoes come see us in stores or shop online. 
How Do You Skate With Heelys?
Once you’re sure you’re on a clean, dry surface, place one foot slightly in front of the other and raise the toe of your front foot so you’re balanced on the wheel. Then slightly raise the back foot until you are balanced on the wheel of that shoe as well, and then pull yourself along once you’re comfortably balanced in that position.

Are Heelys Better With One or Two Wheels?
Heelys with two wheels are better for first-time users and beginners because they provide more stability, but one-wheeled Heelys are better for people who have good balance. They are also easier to turn and have a tendency to go faster.

Can You Walk Normally in Heelys?
You can walk normally in Heelys, but unless you remove the wheels from your Heelys skate shoes, it’s not the same as walking in other shoes.

Are Heelys Safe for Kids?
Heelys can be safe if kids wear safety gear while they wear their shoes. With safety gear, Heelys are no more dangerous than skateboards, scooters, or regular roller skates.

Can You Put the Wheels Away on Heelys?
The wheels are in a retracted position to start unless you deploy them by pushing the flush button at the back of the shoe near the heel. The wheel can also be completely removed from Heelys skate shoes, so it can function like any other shoe.

Are Heelys Made by Skechers?
Skechers acquired Heelys in 2008 for $142.8 million and has owned the Heelys brand ever since.

What Size Heelys Should I Get?
If you want Heelys skate sneakers with no padding, choose a pair of sneakers that are a size smaller than your normal size, but if you get Heelys with padding, you should choose a pair that’s a size larger than your normal size.

Do They Make Heelys for Toddlers?
No. Journeys only carries Heelys for little and big kid. 

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